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“The mission of this project is to create, build, install and dedicate the new 5th Marines Vietnam War Memorial Monument inside the beautiful Camp San Mateo Memorial Garden at Camp Pendleton, California. We have received initial approval to proceed with our fund-raising efforts to build the new monument and to conduct a Dedication Ceremony on Memorial Day of 2017. The overall monument design has been approved by all involved, and we are in the process of finalizing detailed specifications and contracts with Rock of Ages in Vermont. Approvals have been received from the 5th Marine Regiment and are in process at the Division, Base, MEF and HQMC levels.

Bird's eye view 2Our goal is to raise over $400,000.00, which is the estimated cost of the entire project, in the coming months, through various fund-raising projects as well as corporate, institutional and private donations.

It is likely that the approval process may have to be conducted at a very high level in the Chain of Command because of the significant cost. At this point, we are very confident that all required approvals will be received, but there is always a chance, however unlikely, that the required approvals are not given for us to complete the project. In that event, all Pledges are null and void, and 100% of all donations will be returned.

If you can donate now, that is terrific. If you anticipate being able to donate in the future, your pledge now will help us to move forward.

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