The Design

Project Goal:

To raise the funds necessary to commission a suitable and permanent granite memorial monument to recognize and commemorate all those Marines and their units who fought in the Fighting Fifth Marines during the Vietnam War. Monument builder, Rock of Ages, has created the design based upon these design criteria:

Project Vision:

Our vision is to include the following elements in our monument design (see Addendum A, which is an artist’s rendering of the memorial monument layout:

  • The monument must be compatible with and complimentary of other memorials in the park;
  • The monument layout includes a total of six (6) “name panels” arranged in a “U” shape around the “center piece.” Both sides of the “name panels,” which is fashioned from “Medium Barre Granite” and “American Black Granite,” will be used to list the KIA’s, for a total of twelve (12) name panels.
  • List the Battalions (1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 2/4) and their “patches” via color etchings and/or tiles that were “in country” and dates; these color images will be placed at the top of the “KIA memorial name panels” for each unit.

  • The name panels will list the Rank (abbreviated), First Name, Middle Initial and Last Name of each and every KIA in the 5th Marines (includes 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 2/4 – a total of 2,705 KIA’s) during the Vietnam War.
  • helmet-boots-The image of the iconic “Helmet, Rifle, Bayonet and Boots” is to be prominently included, etched on all four sides of the black granite “obelisk” situated atop the center piece.
  • All four sides of the center piece (base stone(s) supporting the black obelisk) will include messages and images. Images and messages on the center piece base stone(s) include:
    • 5th_Marine_Regiment_LogoA color image of the 5th Marine Regiment’s “patch”, the “Blue Diamond” patch of the 1st Marine Division, and the Eagle, Globe and Anchor;
    • A “Combat Chronology” overview of the 5th Marines during the Vietnam War, including the dates of the Vietnam War and dates the Regiment served “in country;”
    • A Memorial Monument Dedication Message that provides visitors with information about the creation of the monument, etc.; the monument will be “Dedicated to the heroes of the 5th Marine Regiment who gave their lives for their country during the Vietnam War;”
    • An image of a map of the Republic of Vietnam;
    • An image representative of a combat Marine during the Vietnam War;
  • Build and install eight (8) Barre grey granite benches to accommodate visitors to the Camp San Mateo Memorial Park with great close-up views of the Memorial Monument.